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Musician, singer, composer, arranger and music producer, are some of the talents that Gabriel displays in his professional career which has been recognized by the public and colleagues in the business.
Gabriel is Mariano Mores’ grandson as well as son of Claudia and Nito Mores, renowned Argentine singers.

He began his music studies with professor Guillermo Iscla and then with Haydeé Gerardi. He would later complete his studies in composition, harmony, counterpoint and orchestration.

Photo: Julian Larralde

Gabriel Mores

When he was 17 Gabriel started working as a stage manager in his grandfather's orchestra. When he was ready to take a place in the keyboards section, his grandfather incorporated him into his sextet and years later he would also become a singer. In this way he would develop his artistic career by uniting the two passions of his family, music and singing.

Together with the Mariano Mores orchestra, he had the privilege of traveling the world and performing in the most important concert halls in the United States, Switzerland, Spain, England, Japan and Latin America.

Winner of the International Festival  of  Performers of the Song "FestiBuga 97" and an OTI prize of the song in 1998.

His  passion for  film music led him to venture into the 7th art, when the renowned Argentinean film director Eliseo  Subiela  commissioned  Gabriel Mores  the  scoring  of  the  movie  "Lifting de Corazón".

In addition to film music Gabriel Mores has composed the original music of several plays, among which are "Historias de diván, la Obra", "El amor y las pasiones", "El lado B del amor" and "Palabra Plena" by the renowned analyst and "Best seller" writer Gabriel Rolón, and "Carne Fresca" by Eduardo H. Román, premiered at the "Bellas Artes Theater" in the city of Miami.

He was distinguished as a MEMBER OF HONOR of the International Council of All Arts (IAC) -  United Nations of Arts - UNESCO, Argentina (Buenos Aires).

In 2012 Mariano Mores gave to his grandson Gabriel the baton of his orchestra transforming him into his musical heir. Since then, he took the initiative to begin a work of digitization and preservation of his grandfather's musical archive, since most of these masterpieces of tango had suffered the inexorable passage of time.

All that effort would see the light in 2015, when Gustavo Mozzi, director of the World Tango Festival, invited Gabriel Mores to perform a special concert at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (one of the most distinguished theaters in the world) together with the "Orquesta Lírica Popular ", in homage to the musical work of Mariano Mores.

Gabriel Mores & Gustavo Mozzi

Since that concert, Gabriel Mores began to materialize the creation of a music cultural project to spread the music of his grandfather in the field of symphony orchestras around the world.

In 2018 Gabriel settled in the city of Miami – USA-, and was invited by the Miami Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Eduardo Marturet to perform at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

ohn Williams & Gabriel-Mores-J

John Williams

Gabriel Mores & Miami Symphony Orchestra
Gabriel Mores & Miami Symphony Orchestra

The Moss Center Theatre resonated with the magic of tango and classical dance in an unforgettable night of art and emotion. Gabriel Mores, accompanied by the renowned Dimension Dance Theatre company, presented the piece "Tango Cristal," created and choreographed by dancer Leonardo Reale. It was a captivating show that left the audience breathless. Every movement, every gesture, transported viewers to a world of intense emotions and incomparable beauty. "Tango Cristal" shone brightly on the stage of the Moss Center, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who had the privilege of witnessing it, and taking Tango to another level of expression.

Gabriel Mores - Tango Cristal 06_edited.
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