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Elizabeth Guerrero - Tango dance

Born in 1971 in Argentine, dancer, choreographer and teacher, she graduated from the National University Institute of Art I.U.N.A. in classical, contemporary, tango and native Argentine dance, careers with the degree of Notable Graduate.
She was a member of the National Folkloric Ballet of Argentina directed by masters Santiago Ayala "El Chúcaro" and Norma Viola.

In 1998 she traveled to the United States to train at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, the most important ballroom dance school in that country. There she trained in the American Style as an instructor training dance couples to compete obtaining bronze, silver and gold medals.


She was invited as adjudicator in the first Latin American Ballroom Dance competition held in Buenos Aires and USA by the World Promotions company .

In 2003, together with the dancer Maximiliano Ávila, she obtained the first mention, stage Tango category in the First World Tango Championship held at the Metropolitan Theater.

In 2005 she wins the Danza Libre Championship (Tango and Zamba) at the National Festival of the Sierra of native dances and Folklore.

In 2006 she created "Escuela de Baile Social" in Buenos Aires, Argentina, directing the first school of American Style Ballroom, where classes of Argentine Salon Tango Technique and Folkloric Dances are also taught.

In 2008, together with Sebastián Colavita, he was a finalist in the 5th World Tango Championship in the stage ango category, obtaining the award for the most elegant dance partner, held at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires.

In 2010 she obtains the American license from the "Ballroom Dance Teacher College" for Argentina, professionally training instructors and perfecting dancers, recognized by the NDCA (National Dance Council of America).

Since 2004 she has worked with Gabriel Mores as a dancer and choreographer for his shows, together they have developed a very personal aesthetic, with this imprint they continue to spread the values and principles of Argentine music and dance.
In they were invited by the "Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame" La MUSA AWARDS to open the Gala show with a Tango performance, and to receive, on behalf of Mariano Mores, the posthumous entrance to the Latin Songwriters hall of fame.

The Moss Center Theatre resonated with the magic of tango and classical dance in an unforgettable night of art and emotion. Gabriel Mores, accompanied by the renowned Dimensions Dance Theatre company, presented the piece "Tango Cristal," created and choreographed by dancer Leonardo Reale. It was a captivating show that left the audience breathless. The Dimensions company had Elizabeth Guerrero as Tango Style coach. Every movement, every gesture, transported viewers to a world of intense emotions and incomparable beauty. "Tango Cristal" shone brightly on the stage of the Moss Center, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who had the privilege of witnessing it, and taking Tango to another level of expression.

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