It was conceived by its promoter Gabriel Mores to present the Argentine tango through versions for symphonic orchestra to the new generations of musicians and audiences of the most diverse countries
The project is based on the works of Mariano Mores, one of the most important tango composers in Argentina and a pioneer in performing Symphonic Tango.
The musical body of work composed by Mariano Mores includes many and very successful works that have a remarkable permanence and universality, therefore making them more attractive for a wide variety of audiences.

Gabriel Mores has done a meticulous  work of restoration and digitization of the original arrangements that his grandfather played. These scores are ready to be discovered or re-discovered by symphony orchestras (youth and professional) and audiences around the world.

We  invite  you  to  learn  more  about   this  project  that  seeks  to  preserve  and  disseminate  the  music  of  Mariano Mores,  whose works are an essential part in the history of tango, a  musical  genre  that  was  declared  a  World  Heritage  Site  by  UNESCO  in  2009.